Create native web apps with C# and .NET

Frogui is a revolutionary UI framework that allows developers familiar with C#, .NET and Visual Studio to build native client web apps using their existing skills, with no need to learn or use JavaScript or any other web technology.
The API is strongly based on WPF, UWP and Silverlight so will feel immediately familiar, but has been modernized to leverage the immense power of modern browsers.

WebAssembly: the Future Has Arrived

Frogui is possible now because of an extraordinary evolution in web standards. WebAssembly is transforming how web apps are created.

Built on Mono for WebAssembly

The Microsoft Xamarin team is driving the development of an exciting open-source project, Mono for WebAssembly, which brings the power of C# and .NET to the web and is the foundation for Frogui.

Blueprint by WPF

WPF was a masterpiece when it premiered and still reigns as the most robust UI framework available anywhere. The same goes for its web-based sibling,  Silverlight. No wonder WPF, Silverlight and UWP serve as inspirations for Frogui.

Modernized for the Web

The UI capability of browsers is extraordinary, but harnessing its potential is challenging and not intuitive for UI developers accustomed to model-view design patterns. Frogui wraps the richness of web features in a contemporary, familiar API, seamlessly delivering the best of both worlds.

Your Ideas Needed!

If we aren't meeting your needs then we aren't doing our job. Frogui is at the MVP stage which means there is design and feature flexibility. We encourage you to be active in shaping the design.
Case in point. After past tech previews your input lead to significant design changes, such as adopting XAML!

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