The Lesarde Bazaar is where great ideas are exchanged.

Inspired by Apple iTunes™ and Google Play™, the Lesarde Bazaar is the vibrant hub where developers share goods and services. Experiments as well as finished goods are all fair game.
Goods are at the heart of Studio's extreme open architecture. The possibilities of what type of development Studio could be used for are endless.
Specific external operating environments.
Artist and Jeweler Plugins
Extends the type system so editing and compiling non-code source elements such as primitive literals, views, 3D models, math expressions, soundtracks, is possible.
Highest level programming construct, providing packaged reusable logic and resources.
Community members who choose to publish goods.
Projects and Workspaces
Complete source code solutions shared for learning.
One or more boxes packaged for a common purpose.
Extend Studio's reflection, object management and build system to support third party entities.
Plug-ins that generate pre-build assets for a specific platform.
Provides generic abstraction and functionality upon which new projects are based.
Project definitions used to make starting a new project easy.
Any type of goods grouped for convenient distribution.
Plug-ins that convert generator output to final assets for a specific platform and framework.

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