Create native web apps with C# and .NET

Technical Preview v0.1.0 Release Date: Saturday, August 18th, 2018
Frogui is a UI framework that allows developers familiar with C#, .NET and Visual Studio to build native client web apps using their existing skills, with no need to learn or use JavaScript or any other web technology.
The API is strongly based on WPF and Silverlight so will feel immediately familiar, but has been modernized to leverage the immense power of modern browsers.

WebAssembly: the Future Has Arrived

To understand how Frogui now is possible, it is important to understand the recent evolution of web standards.
Web development from the beginning has been a nightmare for developers, who dealt with browser incompatibilities and trendy frameworks.
Things improved dramatically when HTML5 and CSS3 were introduced. These standards brought unprecedented power to web developers, and the promise of cross-browser compatibility. That fixed half the problem.
JavaScript remained the only language option. This meant performance would always be limited by an interpreter and the bevy of outstanding development languages were not welcome.
Fortunately, the WebAssembly standard which already exists in all major browsers as of mid-2017 is revolutionizing web development. It is already being exploited by C++ and Rust developers, resulting in native browser app performance on par with their non-browser counterparts, all without JavaScript.

Built on Mono for WebAssembly

Never one to miss a party, Microsoft's Xamarin team is driving the development of an exciting open-source project, Mono for WebAssembly, which will open the floodgates for .NET developers. For years, .NET developers have been teased with options such as Silverlight and TypeScript but have never really been welcomed to the tools and skills they depend upon.
Mono for WebAssembly will change that. Equally exciting, the performance will be superior to JavaScript. There are no transpilers, interpreters, plug-ins or anything else preventing developer experience and resulting assemblies from being exactly what developers have come to expect.
Frogui is built exclusively with Mono for WebAssembly. The Xamarin team is making great progress, and we feel their effort is going to be worth the wait.

WPF and the Web's Love Child

We have an unabashed love for WPF. It was revolutionary a decade ago, has aged gracefully, withstood several challengers, and still reigns as the most robust UI framework available, regardless of platform -- iOS, Android, Web, you name it. Unfortunately, WPF is only available for Windows desktop development. To understand this travesty, imagine pizza was only available in Italy.
WPF is showing signs of age, though. All one needs to do is check out the tremendous UI power in modern browsers to see the world has not been sitting still (web developers know all about it).
Frogui draws from the best of WPF, modernizes it, and combines it with great web features. We are bringing pizza to the world, so to speak.
By using many of the same namespaces, type names and much of the overall architecture of WPF, Frogui will feel immediately familiar to .NET developers.

Your Ideas Needed!

We are not a large, bureaucratic company. Think more tech garage startup. You are an asset and we want to hear from you to help drive Frogui's development and evolving feature set.
Don't hesitate to get in touch. Your idea can be translated into code and published within hours.
There are other ways you can help if you'd like to get involved:
  • Add examples to the open-source demo solutions.
  • Create a set of custom controls based on Frogui. We will market them here.
  • Any ideas you to improve our communication via website content, social media, etc. would be invaluable.
As the community starts to build, there will always be a free Community Edition ensure everyone has access to Frogui.

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