Frog View brings state of the art user interfaces to applications.

A new way to relate views to models

The quality of user interface designers within IDEs have improved substantially over the past decade. Visual Studio™, Xcode™, Android Studio™, and others offer some variation of the view-model design pattern and, despite not having first-class language support, have greatly simplified the developer experience.
Frog View follows in their footsteps, celebrating and encouraging the separation of UI logic from business and database logic. Frog View benefits, however, from first-class Frog language features that make UI coding easier.
Language features for data-binding and reactivity are a part of the magic. The typical approach to data-binding embeds metadata in strings, which is error-prone. Our data-binding logic is a part of the type, ensuring problems are found at compile-time, not runtime. Models meet views seamlessly using a pattern we call Model-View-Motif (MVM).
We have combined native, vector and raster graphics into a something special. You can focus on the design and rest assured that creating and evolving views will go just as smoothly as with models.

We dared to dream:

a single view working across mobile, desktop and the web.

The underpinnings of operating system and browser graphic frameworks all do about the same thing. But anyone who has attempted to take their expertise from one platform to another was in for a rude awaking.
It makes sense that iOS's way of doing things would be different from Android's. Or that Windows would differ from the web. These entities all have different motives and constriants. Lucky for you, that's our problem.
Lesarde has designed its UI with cross-platform and scalability in mind. There are others that offer cross-platform UI but do it using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which is guaranteeing your applications will never be native and will always have performance bottlenecks.
We allow the entire design experience to happen virtually then masterfully convert to the destination platforms you choose. Which means you can have it all: beautiful native, high-performance UI from a single design.

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