Hello, Studio!

Read Me !
  • Lesarde Studio is in the alpha stage of the release cycle, meaning it has not been thoroughly tested and is missing significant features.
  • Use File\Open Sample Workspace... to load the SkyloDemo workspace. This contains the projects used to create the Frog Language Guide.
  • The Frog Language Guide's chapter Lesarde Studio Cheat Sheet gives tips about using Studio.
Working Features
  • Creating Workspaces and projects
    • Local hub (meaning your system)​
    • Cloud database server hubs (same as local, just in cloud). You can add a server by clicking the "Add Server" button (it provides defaults for a server named lesarde ... no password required).
  • Frog code editor
    • No cut, copy, paste, undo, redo​
    • Tabs don't close
    • Ergonomics still clunking in some places
  • Box explorer
    • Mostly works. A great way to explore inner workings such as seeing the Frog language construct types, and how Studio uses Frog internally.
Partial Features
  • Parts Manager
    • You can interact with it but not add or modify parts.​
  • Lesarde Database
    • Limited interaction.
  • Frog View Artist
    • In the Goodies folder, which is in installed along side Studio, the Artists\Lzd.Present.dll assembly is included. This plugin implements the Frog View artist. Currently, you can create a view but cannot edit the view elements, just source code.​
Missing Features
  • Compiler
  • Debugger