Built on Mono for WebAssembly

Status Spring 2019
Frogui currently runs interpreted in WebAssembly, resulting in slow performance and load times. The Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compiler is finally starting to come together and we are experimenting. The Xamarin team is also making progress with load times.
Microsoft's Xamarin team is driving the development of an exciting open-source project, Mono for WebAssembly, which is opening the floodgates for .NET developers to create high-performance web apps using their existing skills and tools.
For years, C# / .NET developers have been teased with options for creating web apps with tools such as Silverlight and TypeScript. Silverlight is no longer maintained by Microsoft because web plug-in our fading fast. TypeScript transpiles to JavaScript, which is helpful but the result is still slow, interpreted JavaScript.
In addition to a cleaner developer experience, Mono for WebAssembly also makes high-performance apps possible, significantly faster than JavaScript, approaching native speeds. There are no transpilers, interpreters, plug-ins or anything else preventing the developer experience -- and resulting assemblies -- from being exactly what developers have come to expect.
Frogui is built exclusively for use with Mono for WebAssembly.

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