Frog to be Open Sourced

Lesarde will be sponsoring open source Frog for the most popular platforms, enabling every developer to build truly native apps from a single environment.
We are currently deciding on the ideal open source license.



Native mobile apps for Android, Android Wear, and Android TV with Frog



Native desktop and mobile apps for Windows with Frog



Native web apps for browsers with Frog

& Lesarde.Mac


Native mobile apps for iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and OS X with Frog

And because of Studio's open architecture, you may be inclined to creating plug-ins for a platform we have not yet reached. Once new platforms are added, the entire Lesarde ecosystem becomes immediately available for use on that platform.
Chances are other community members would love to see what you've done so we encourange you to make your goods available in the Lesarde Bazaar.

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