Regardless of your interests, skill level or time availability, there are many ways for you to contribute.

You will find us to be friendly, accessible, helpful, responsive and open-minded. Your participation will have an immeasurable impact on this young effort. We are putting every ounce of energy we have into this project so please excuse the shortcomings and the growing pains.
Below are several ways to participate in open source projects and beyond. In some cases, a minimum skill-level is listed to help you find the right fit. This list is not exhaustive so share your ideas!
You are interested in being a part of the Lesarde team directly or indirectly.
We are tiny self-funded start-up, primarily interested in finding like-minded people to join the team. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and like what you've read, we would love to hear from you. If some of our ideas resonate with you and others don't, that's great! Our goal is to simplify creating software and that requires diversified, original thinking.
  • Guide Us      intermediate
    "Okay, Siri, how do you create a development ecosystem from scratch?"
    This project is overwhelming to say the least. But we love and are committed to it. We have been fortunate to have a small group of advisers from a variety of backgrounds, but could use several more.
  • Back or Invest      any
    Up to this point, the thousands of hours spent researching and creating this ecosystem has been funded solely by bootstrapping. We have not asked for or accepted any outside funds yet, but that time is quickly approaching. If you are interested in backing or investing in this effort please get in touch.
Open Source
You'd like to work on free, non-commercial technology.
October 2017: as the road map shows, we are getting how-to guides written and projects ready for GitHub. If you have interest in contributing to the open source projects, please send us a note as soon as possible since the repositories are not yet set up.
  • Frog Compilers   intermediate
    In theory, Frog can run anywhere. In practice, Frog only runs where build systems exist.

    Fortunately, many of the complexities of traditional compilers will not exist for build system writers since Frog projects will have been parsed and scanned before it reaches a build system plug-in. We encourage anyone to take Frog someplace foreign such as a JVM via a Frog-to-Java transpiler, or to a OS via a compiler.

    The path that seems to be shortest in bringing Frog to the widest audience and the one we are focusing on is:
    • Writing a Frog-to-C# transpiler. Then use Microsoft​ + Xamarin's build tools to bring Frog natively to Windows .NET variations, iOS, Android and OS X. This approach leverages the immense power of these tools.
    • Writing a Frog-to-TypeScript compiler which, again, leverages existing potent tools, bringing Frog to the web.
  • Frog Parser   intermediate
    Before handing Frog off to a build system, Frog code needs to be parsed for errors. This will allow Studio to bring suggestions, warnings and errors to the user's attention live and during builds.
  • Database and Web Service Providers   novice
    Providers allow Frog to interact with the outside world. For example, a database provider could be created to move data between MySql, PostgeSQL or MongoDB and a Frog executable. Or, create a web service provider that interacts with your favorite RESTful service.
  • Frog Database   intermediate
    The Frog database goes way beyond being a database provider by allowing Frog to run within a database. You are encouraged to consider any database as a target. We are currently focusing on high-performance cloud database servers, such as SQL Azure, since they have everything we need to add the Frog type system and runtime to it.
  • Frog View  any
    Frog View is our presentation framework. It could be implemented any place that has a Frog build system. The design and IDE tools are well-underway.
  • Turtle Framework      beginner
    Much work to be done here, requiring a wide range of skill sets. A framework implementation is required for each target platform.
  • Manual, Automated      any
    Pound on Studio. Create tests to find problems in Frog. All components would benefit from Testing.
  • Frog Language   intermediate
    Frog is presently a work-in-progress, though has stabilized substantially over the past year thanks to your feedback. But the devil is in the details and there are many to work out. For instance, the functional programming aspect of the language has not been defined. Check out the Frog Language Guide.
  • Turtle Framework   intermediate
    Other than the primitives needed by Frog and some of the graphics types, the Turtle Framework is largely undefined.The current plan is to adopt or mimic the .NET core since it is now open source and seem to be the most mature and well-designed framework to model.
  • Website Review   any
    Review the website for grammar, visuals and messaging.
  • Frog Language Guide   any
    Review the guide for grammar, visuals, ... anything you can think of. If you would like to add comments directly to the document, let us know.
Other Open Source Roles
  • Verifier, Approver, Project Lead      any
    We are new to open source. Besides development we could use help with other common tasks related to open source projects. Your help here would be invaluable!
You are not interested in being involved with the company or open source, but want to lend a hand.
  • Spread the World      any
    If you are exciting by what we are doing, please help us get the message out. Getting this rolling is going to require many hands and you may know just the right person. Or perhaps you would like to start a Frog user group, write a blog or how-to article, speak at a meetup, or any of a number of things to provide some momentum.
Social Activism
  • Education      any
    Introducing a completely new development ecosystem requires a lot of energy and we are in the early critical stages. But that's not stopping us from imagining all the ways we can affect change for the planet and all its occupants using technology. As a company creating development tools that lower the barrier and will always be open source or free, we are uniquely positioned to train and provide resources to those who may not have other options.
  • Development for Non-Profits      any
    Sponsoring teams and providing free or low-cost full-stack development for non-profits is part of Lesarde's business model. Bring your ideas and energy!

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