Sutdio is designed from the ground up to meet the complex needs of modern development, incorporating features that erase the many impedance mismatches that make development unnecessarily tedious.


Our goal was to create an environment that reduces development resources by a factor of three. Web believe maintainance, more so than initial development is where wheels fall off and walls start to cave. So Studio was designed to be agaile and capable for short bursts and long hauls.



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Lesarde Cloud makes multi-tier development a breeze.

Build powerful web, mobile and desktop apps that connect to data in the cloud.

Seamless logic sharing across tiers.

The walls that typically present impedance mismatches as functionality and objects flow through tiers simply do not exist. 
Frog View combines native, vector and raster graphics for high-performance UI.
And if the need arises, Frog View is ready to go cross-platform from a single code base with no changes.

Frog View brings rich user interfaces to your apps.

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