Build new or integrate with existing services.

Cloud services are arguably the most important area of growth in technology over the past decade. The quality is generally excellent and and there are many great vendors.
Lesarde cross-tier applications seamlessly integrate with your existing web services via a proxy. Or, simplify the entire experience by using Lesarde Web Services.

Lesarde Web Services ties logic and objects together.

The technology stack used to build services often differs from those used for applications. Adding global type safety and reuse across all the technologies would be ideal. Most legacy scenarios can be integrated with Lesarde applications, services and databases.
The flowchart shows a variety of common scenarios and how Lesarde, using the rich Frog type system, efficiently ties the components of a distributed app together.
example one
H represents a legacy database that is accessed exclusively by Lesarde service E. At E that data is reshaped into Frog objects. The Lesarde application then works directly with E using Frog objects exclusively.
example two
Lesarde Cloud database F to Lesarde Cloude service D to application shows a path in which all objects and logic are pure Frog.

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