Lesarde Studio is the IDE that ties together the ecosystem.

Studio effortlessly works across tiers.

If you have done cross-tier development then you've probably cut and pasted so much that it has become a design pattern. The number of technologies required to move from the touch of a user's finger to a cloud database back to someone else's eyes can be mind-boggling.
There is a better way.
Studio allows you to create, deploy and debug your cross-tier projects from the comfort of a single IDE using a single technology, the amazingly expressive Frog.


A generation ago, graphical UIs became ubiquitous in word processors, allowing users to trade arcane embedded text codes for WYSIWYG editors.
Coders have not been as lucky. Despite many advances in IDEs, languages are inextricably tied to the past. For over fifty years, you have been hunting down build-breaking typos instead of focusing on the task at hand.
Studio takes a giant leap forward with WYSIWYG editing. You still can get you hands dirty but your code stays clean.
After all, your creativity should come out in algorithms, not inventing new ways to indent.

Studio keeps you in front of your audience.

Times have changed. It was not long ago that a developer could specialize in a platform, knowing those skills would be sufficient tomorrow. Today there are a dizzying array of platforms, making it harder than ever for you to meet market needs.
Fortunately, we get that. And we also understand that you have worked hard at your craft.
By starting with a blank canvas we were able to dream, without constraint, of a way for you to focus back on design and logic, not fragmentation.
With Studio, you write the code and design the views once and we turn it into a native application on the platforms of your choice. It's as though you have a team of the brightest developers working around the clock to keep you ahead of the curve.

The journey of a thousand projects starts with a single box.

A class is the universal object-oriented construct used to encapsulate members. We like that concept so much that it has been applied to the unwieldy world outside of classes.
A box is our highest level construct. Every bit of logic and data ultimately resides and flows through boxes.
Applications and libraries are boxes. Web services and databases are boxes. Really, there is no limit to what can be boxed so long as it provides logic or data, including your favorite native libraries.
And much like URLs are the ID of the web, boxes have universal IDs which makes managing boxes all the easier.

Development projects are much more than source code.

Developers incorporate a wide variety of resources into projects. Data tables, localized text, literals, bitmaps, brushes, layouts, animations and media are commonplace along side the code.
Visual Studio, Xcode™ and Android Studio™ all offer unique and impressive resource tools. Dig around, however, and it quickly becomes clear that resources are an afterthought.
In Studio the concept of gluing together code and resources simply does not exist. As naturally as a tree combines its roots, trunk, branches and leaves, Lesarde and Frog organically combine all elements that compose a project.

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