WebAssembly: the Future Has Arrived

In order to understand how a framework like Frogui is possible, it is useful to understand a recent extraordinary development in web standards, WebAssembly.
Web development from the beginning has been very challenging for developers, who dealt with browser incompatibilities and a cascade of trendy frameworks.
Things improved dramatically when HTML5 and CSS3 were introduced, bringing unprecedented power to web developers, and the promise of cross-browser compatibility. However, JavaScript still remained the only language option.
Outstanding development languages, such as C++, Java and C#, were not welcome to the web. And since JavaScript is interpreted, poor performance was guaranteed relative to native compilation.
Fortunately, the WebAssembly standard already exists in all major browsers as of mid-2017 and is revolutionizing web development. It is presently being exploited by C++ and Rust developers, resulting in native browser app performance on par with their non-browser counterparts, all without JavaScript. Other compiled languages, such as C# are not far behind.

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