We have an unabashed love for WPF and its siblings Silverlight UWP. WPF was revolutionary when introduced, combining formidable functionality with second-to-none tooling in Microsoft Visual Studio and Blend.
By using similar naming and idioms of WPF, Frogui will feel immediately familiar to .NET developers.
WPF has withstood challengers and still reigns as the most robust UI framework available, regardless of platform -- iOS, Android, Web -- you name it. Unfortunately, WPF is only available for Windows desktop development which, tragically, would be like only being able to get pizza in Italy.
WPF is showing signs of age, though. All one needs to do is check out the tremendous UI power in modern browsers to see the world has not been sitting still.
Frogui draws from the best of WPF and UWP, streamlines and modernizes the design, and combines it with great web features.

Blueprint by WPF

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